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Most GPs have a healthy interest in keeping up to date. There is a sense of professional satisfaction when patients are offered a safe and high quality service. But the process of updating ourselves is not easy. Our workload is increasing daily and the pace of change is relentless. This is further compounded by proposals on Regulation of doctors which have highlighted Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a process all of us must participate if we are to continue working.

A process of lifelong learning should not be a tall order. All of us have always enjoyed learning but we would like our learning to be relevant to our daily work. We would like our learning to be flexible and stimulating. Lastly, we would like ownership of our learning.

The internet as a virtually infinite learning resource could meet these criteria. However, trawling through the vast amounts of information in different websites could sometimes be time-consuming and frustrating. SalfordGP LearningHub has been designed for the busy front-line GP in mind. A variety of relevant CPD resources could now be found within a single website. You could obtain information ranging from adult learning principles to local educational meetings in Salford. There is information on Revalidation which is updated regularly. Other resources include information on courses, teaching and research in general practice.

The website has been designed to be practical, clear and easy to navigate. I have also tried to keep the contents manageable. There are links to other parts of the internet if more detailed information is needed. The website will continue to evolve over time to reflect new local CPD initiatives and beyond.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through SalfordGP LearningHub and it becomes your first port of call for any CPD needs that arise during your working day.

Lastly, I would like to thank Ross Selby from Takeda Pharmaceutical for his contribution in the development of this website.

Dr Gen Wong
GP Tutor, NHS Salford
June 2010